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03 December 2023


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Price: 20-40 EUR

Friedrich-Breuer-Straße 17 53225 Bonn

About the show

Introducing the concert of KOLA together with YAKTAK on stage in _. KOLA is a Ukrainian singer whose songs touch the depths of the soul of anyone who has had the opportunity to hear them even once. From the very beginning of her full-scale invasion into music, she has poured all the pain of every Ukrainian into her songs, especially her recent works: "Near the Heart," "You to Yourself," "We Are Different," "Little Plane," "Together or Not." KOLA's concerts are filled with love and comfort, tranquility and goodness.

Creating the atmosphere at the concert alongside KOLA is YAKTAK, a charismatic Ukrainian singer capable of captivating many hearts. The artist pours all his feelings into his own creations and actively tours, especially during these times of war in Ukraine, to support our soldiers. YAKTAK's Ukrainian songs are filled with deep meaning. Some of his works include: "Waiting at Home," "Good Will Triumph," "Silhouette," "Shoot," "At Night," "Don't Stay Silent."

Both Ukrainian performers, KOLA and YAKTAK, come together in a joint concert to offer the audience an incredible atmosphere of Ukrainian songs that will leave everyone with unforgettable impressions. It's also worth mentioning their first joint track titled "Poryichka," which describes tender and touching love where people are happy and rejoice like children.

Both KOLA and YAKTAK actively support the Ukrainian military and have organized numerous charitable actions during their own concerts to help Ukrainians during these challenging times of war.

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